Fort Myers Real Estate – Investing For Your Dream Home

If you are searching for the perfect place to build your home, something that will have a year round sunshine and amazing beaches to cap with, then try looking into those classifieds again for Fort Myers Florida. One of the two cities that comprises the Cape Coral – Fort Myers Metropolitan Statistical Area both cities located 6 miles of each other and has easy access, it boast of amazing beaches and a possibility of getting your very own piece of paradise if you are to get a Real Estate Property.

Retirement homes are always on the rise in these areas since it has famous beaches and sports center that any enthusiast would enjoy. Florida’s West Coast boasts of an amazing shoreline and famous line up of beaches from Tampa/St. Petersburg to Naples. Fort Myers lies approximately 30 minutes north of Naples, 2 hours south of Tampa and 2 hours west of Miami, making it one of the accessible cities for these other large cities. The Fort’s International Airport is also a busy hub for easy access to any point in the United States. All these and a fairly amazing nature reserves and waterways makes Fort Myers Real Estate an investment of your dream!

However, if you are looking for a sanctuary for your sailing, boating or water activities, there are many available waterfront properties that you can also check for availability. Fort Myers itself has an amazing waterfront district that is easily accessible towards the canals and waterways of Cape Coral making it a sailing and boat lover’s destination. Other activities include sporting events, currently Fort Myers is home for the spring training of the Boston Red Sox baseball club and the Minnesota Twins. In addition to that, it is home to Florida Gulf Coast University known to regularly hold numerous sporting events with other colleges and university from around the country.

When Cape Coral and Fort Myers Real Estate property prices are at its peak, it is simply impossible for any home buyers to get a reasonable price for a piece of property in these areas. However with the infamous financial drawbacks that the whole country experienced, the Real Estate took its hit. It was devastating to home owners then since properties are selling as low as 50% from the prices that it is worth previously. All of this making it an opportunity for home buyers and property investors alike since they will be able to secure properties at a lower cost. After sometime of being in a slump, a great recovery has finally come for the first time in March of 2010, the property prices are higher than 12 months prior, making it a good place to seriously consider placing your investment into.

If you are looking into investing in Fort Myers Real Estate or with Cape Coral, then this will be a great time to look into purchasing possibilities. With the wide variety of things that you can do and enjoy in this city you can surely know that it is one of the best real estate investments you will have.

Source by Jim F Roberts